Start date: 28-02-2020
End date: 29-02-2020
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: In-person or Virtual
Next Date: 28-02-2020
Our Workshops

Listen – Engage – Adapt – Deliver

Unleash leadership potential in your organisation by equipping managers with the mindset and knowledge to engage with and drive positive business change

A 2 day leadership development program designed to equip leaders and managers with the mindset and skills to drive positive business change within organisations.Managers are often faced with paradox. How can they deliver short term results with limited resources AND invest the time and energy to change AND be ready for the future? How can they be responsible for their teams AND be in control AND give their reports the freedom to make their own decisions and take more ownership for their work. LEAD was developed to support managers with the practical challenges they face and to provide them with skills to overcome them.This programme is designed and facilitated by two professional coaches with their own real world management experience.  It provides a chance for managers and teams to step back, reflect and apply new awareness and skills to their own situation.  The program is built around international best practice and theory in change and leadership and delivered in a human, immersive and emergent way.

Reasons you might be interested in this programme

  • The market is changing and your customers need your organisation to innovate and find new ways of adding value
  • To achieve transformational change, you recognise it has to be part of a cultural shift
  • The continued success of your organisation requires team to work together in new and more effective ways
  • You need employees to deliver on their full potential, to be engaged and have the agency to act and create a positive impact

Key Benefits for participants

  • Gain new insight into how to generate innovative solutions to current challenges
  • Develop skills for engaging teams in new ways of working to deliver more collaboration and reduce stress
  • Create an awareness of how problems are framed by our thinking and the skills to re-frame
  • Build the capacity and create the conditions for action

Key Themes

Using metaphors to understand organisations Participants are introduced to several different common models of organisations and explore how they can use alternative models to reveal the potential for new solutions. A common underlying model is the organisation as a machine. People may talk of driving solutions, relying on a dashboard of metrics and fixing broken parts. Organisations contain humans that do not act or respond like machines and the machine thinking alone is limiting. A new way of thinking about organisations is needed to bring about transformational change.People are the problem and the solutionRecent history is filled with examples of companies (Kodak, Blockbuster, Nokia) that failed becausefollowing a period of success they could not adapt and rethink how to add value in a changing market. We explore how our underlying assumptions create blind spots to the innovation needed for organisations to adapt. Participants explore their own assumptions about the world and start to see where and how these assumptions can be limiting. There will be time for practicing how to “think again” about situations and how to respond to them.Leaving the programme, participants have a deeper awareness of how they think about their challenges and generate new ideas for action to develop their leadership practice.Turning talk of change into actionParticipants learn why change in humans can be so challenging. They explore different types of challengesusing practical examples and they experience different ways of bringing about change in people and organisations.Let’s make meetings meaningful again How effective are meetings in modern organisations and why are managers often overloaded with back-to-back meetings? If meetings could be 25% more effective how much value and time would be created in your organisation?We explore the nature of dialogue and meetings. We identify the common traps groups fall into and how to avoid or recover from them. Participants develop skills creating meetings that are the source for new thinking and innovation.What? So What? Now What?Leadership is not a position. Developing leadership capability is a practical exercise, not just an intellectual one. Participants work on their own challenges through reflection and application of the frameworks.

Training Approach

Informative, Interactive and Emergent

This programme was originally developed within a commercial organisation going through a major transformation. It includes theory, concepts and frameworks proven to be valuable in developing leaders and enabling change in the real world of business.We recognise that participants arrive with vast amounts of knowledge and experience. Part of the learning is in how the participants reflect and make sense of the new concepts and their existing knowledge. The coaches adapt the programme in real time with the participants to maximise the value of the learning and the experience.It is highly interactive. Participants are invited to make sense of their current challenges in the context of the frameworks and in ways that are practical and experiential. They leave with new knowledge and a plan to apply that learning in their own leadership practice 

Programme Details

Duration: 2 consecutive days or 5 x ½ daysFormat: In person at same location or virtuallyParticipants can be a mixed group (8 – 16) of managers or an intact team from the same organisation.Context: Delivered as a standalone experience or as part of a wider programme of cultural change.

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