For any leader looking to create a truly high performing team environment and take their team to the next level in terms of empowerment, openness, trust and ultimately results, I’d highly recommend working with Isolde. The excellent work Isolde did with us strongly contributed to our team receiving the highest employee satisfaction score in a company wide-survey of 12,000 people.– Brian Kirwan Global Director Globalization, Symantec

 My team has worked with Isolde and KOI for 6 years and the experience has been transformative. We have always been a remote team and the dynamics are different than what you may be used to. Aligning goals, roles and teamwork are key to your success and Isolde and KOI will drive this alignment. One of the risks of a world in which everyone works more remotely is keeping teamwork and connections. Isolde can help you with that.– Eric BaileyGlobal Director of Travel, Venue Source and Payments, Microsoft

Executive Coaching

The purpose of coaching is to bring about growth, development and change.
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Leadership Development

Leadership is not a position, it’s a way of being. Whether you are looking to setup an Individual Executive Coaching Engagement, implement an Executive Coaching  programme or Leadership Development programme, we can support you.
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Team Development

Our process takes a Systemic Approach to team coaching. Isolde guides the leader and team members through a process of evaluating their environment, context and working relationships. Isolde works with the team to define and implement appropriate interventions for the purpose of achieving better performance, improved business results and/or transformation of the business.
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Action Learning

The power of Action Learning comes from real people resolving and taking action on real problems in real time and learning while doing so.
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Coaching Supervision

We provide one-to-one and group supervision options.
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Hospitality and Retail Consulting and Training

Customer facing staff play a pivotal role in how your customers experience your business.
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Psychometric Assessments

We offer a range of emotional intelligence and team psychometric assessments to support awareness raising for the purpose of positive change.
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