Team Development

Organisations achieve their full potential when individuals within the business connect, communicate and work together effectively. Effective Teamwork is vital for success. However, teams often fail to reach their full potential. This results in a frustrating, sometimes demotivating experience for the individuals in the team and reduced performance for the entire team.

How can we help?

Systemic Team Coaching

Our process takes a Systemic Approach to team coaching. Isolde guides the leader and team members through a process of evaluating their environment, context and working relationships. Based on the outcomes of this Discovery phase, Isolde works with the team to define and implement appropriate interventions for the purpose of achieving better performance, improved business results and/or transformation of the business.

Team Skills Workshops

Teamwork is both a process and a skillset. Investing in team competencies gives you and your team the knowledge, capability and confidence to work collaboratively by leveraging the collective potential of the team, whilst paying attention to broader stakeholder relationships and expectations. This is true for co-located teams, virtual teams and those working in a hybrid model.

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