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Reasons you might be interested in this Service:

  • You are a Business Owner or Manager who cares about Customer Service
  • You are struggling to hire and retain staff
  • Your Customer Service rating are impacted by this
  • You understand the importance of Customer Service to the health of your business

Customer facing staff play a pivotal role in how your customers experience your business.

The service we offer is a 3-Step Process that encompasses the principles of Professionalism, Patience and People First.

Step 1: Observation

  • We work with you to understand the business impact (KPI’s) you are looking to achieve e.g. improved customer satisfaction, increased profit etc.
  • We observe the areas of the business you want to improve.
  • The Training Plan is tailored to achieve the desired outcomes you have identified.

Step 2: Training

  • We focus on the skills needed to build an effective and efficient front of house team where customer service is at the forefront of the training, ultimately leading to a more efficiently run and profitable business.

Step 3: Evaluation

  • This involves a review of the impact of the training and changes in employee behaviours on the success measures identified in Step 1.


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