Performance Coaching Skills for Managers

Start date: 28-02-2020
End date: 29-02-2020
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: In-person or Virtual
Next Date: 28-02-2020
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Performance Coaching Skills for Managers

This programme is designed for people managers, project managers and professionals who want to develop coaching skills to engage employees more effectively and support them in developing their performance.Managers who develop their coaching skills have better quality conversations not just with employees but with all key stakeholders. Benefits include increased employee engagement, increased levels of motivation, improvements in employee well-being and happiness, development of skills and improved performance.Initial findings from research reported in Harvard Business Review shows that most managers were not equipped to coach employees due to a lack of understanding of what coaching actually is. However the study found that these skills can be learned.

What you will learn on this programme

  • Definition and the role of coaching in business and organisational contexts
  • Differences between coaching and mentoring
  • Principles of coaching, coaching tools and methods
  • Coaching for employee engagement, performance and motivation
  • The psychology of change and how this applies to you and your employees in business
  • Manager as coach and flexing leadership styles
  • Using coaching skills to develop your team

Training Approach

Our approach is a combination of theory and experiential learning, providing participants with the tools and frameworks required to understand when coaching is appropriate; to hold effective coaching conversations; and to use a coaching approach for talent development and management.As well as providing an overview of the latest coaching theory and practice models, participants identify their own development agenda and experience being coached in relation to personal career goals. Feedback is offered on progress throughout the programme alongside learning how to develop teams. Practice and reflection are key elements in the adult learning process. Our approach is to engage participants actively in coach practice – both on the programme and over the four month period of the training.   Delegates complete 6 hours performance coaching and a 1000-word essay reflecting on their coach practice and use of coaching skills, tools and methods. This is to be submitted within four weeks of programme completion.Support will be available throughout the programme and a recommended reading list is provided.

AC Recognised Leader as Coach designation

This programme has been awarded the ‘AC Recognized Leader as Coach’ designation. This designation recognises that the programme meets best practice and includes core coaching competencies, essential coaching tools and skills and integration with existing management and leadership approaches.The Association for Coaching (AC) is a leading independent and not-for- profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising awareness and standards of coaching worldwide.

Programme Details

Duration: 4 months, accommodating up to 12 participants per programmeFormat: Three workshops which can be delivered in-person or virtually.

  • Workshop One is a 2-day programme
  • Workshops Two and Three are 1-day each


The Law Society Finuas Skillnet Coaching Skills Programme for Managers was well received by all participants. The lead trainers were exceptional and were considered skilful, relational and supportive by all participants. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with KOI for future coaching skills programmes.”

Antoinette Moriarty, Programme Director, Law Society Finuas Skillnet

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