Delivering with Impact – Being Strategic with Time

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The purpose of this workshop is to equip participants with the tools and knowledge to:

  1. evaluate what constitutes a good use of their time i.e. what is the impact?
  2. make informed and strategic choices about how they use their time.

Key Topics

Being busy versus making an impact

Have you ever felt like you are getting nothing done, yet you are constantly busy? Do you tend to have multiple to-do lists? We explore frameworks that will help you evaluate your to-do list to ensure that you are focusing not just on what is urgent but what is value-adding.

The organisation system – Key Stakeholder Relationships

When we are focused on the busy demands of our role, it is easy to forget that our role is part of a larger organisational system. We depend on others and others depend on us to get things done. Ultimately, we are all working to achieve the goals of the organisation. However, in reality the operational priorities of different groups are different, and this causes challenges. Effective stakeholder relationships are fundamental to making an impact.

Understanding the Bigger Picture and Setting Goals

Goals help us decide what to focus on. To prioritise effectively, it’s important to understand the strategic goals of the organisation, your department and your key stakeholders. How do the goals of your role fit into the bigger picture? We look at the purpose of setting career and personal goals in defining your ‘bigger picture’.

Role of Self-care

When it comes to being effective, there is a misconception that the key to getting ahead is by doing more. Our motivation, focus, memory, and decision-making are all affected by our mental, physical, and emotional health. Learning to get balance is key to our effectiveness. Developing a consistent self-care routine will not only help avoid burnout, it can also help you ramp up your productivity.

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