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Team Workshops

Working as part of a Diverse Team

Many organisations have policies relating to Diversity. Unfortunately this is often where the engagement with Diversity ends. Diversity is a source of competitive advantage for an organisation.

Diverse teams have the potential to be more creative and innovative than non-diverse teams due to the varying perspectives and experiences individuals of different walks of life bring. However, without an awareness of team dynamics, diverse teams can feel uncomfortable and can fail to meet their full potential because they don't have the comfort of "groupthink". The key is open communication. It sounds easy however fear of conflict is often the key block to teams achieving their full potential.

This workshop is designed to assist team members in understanding the various styles, skills and abilities in their team and to manage these more effectively.

Topics include:

  • The role of the leader
  • Difference between a workgroup and a team
  • Understanding of Team Dynamics
  • Understanding of different styles and the impact on the team
  • Elements of a successful team
  • Understanding and leveraging conflict

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