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Team Workshops

Creating an environment of Collaboration and High Performance

Culture can be described as“the way we do things around here”. The impact of culture on the performance and experience of working in an organisation is often underestimated. It is also not unusual to find differences between the corporate, organisational, functional and team cultures, within the same organisation. To influence a change, it is necessary to take a systematic and collaborative approach.

The purpose of this workshop is to help participants understand the power and influence of culture on performance; identify where an intervention is appropriate and to gain an understanding of the methodologies required.

Topics include:

  • Understanding organisational culture and its impact on performance
  • Elements needed for a collaborative and high performing work environment
  • Understanding where the organisation is now
  • Developing a vision of how the organisation wants to be
  • Understanding change and responses to change
  • Managing the change process
  • When to use an external facilitator and how to manage that relationship

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