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Team Psychometric Assessments

Jung Type Indicator (Myers-Briggs Model™)

The profile reflects whether the respondent adopts a judging attitude (thinking or feeling) or a perceptive attitude (sensing or intuition) towards the world. Measuring a person’s thinking style and the way they deal with information, it is particularly useful for counselling, guidance, team-building and examining how people will interact in group settings.

In comparison with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), the JTI provides a modern, psychometrically sound measure of Jung's typology, firmly rooted in Jung's theory, and developed using modern psycho- metric techniques to ensure that the questionnaire provides a reliable and valid measure of a person’s Jungian (psychological) Type.

The extended GeneSys3 report includes sections on working relationships, management style, thinking style, decisions and actions, strengths and development needs and is written in a style which makes it ideal to give directly to the respondent.