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Metaphor of the Koi

The Koi is a symbol and metaphor for KOI Business Coaching & Consulting. There are many meanings attached to the Koi based on the characteristics and behaviour of the fish.

The Koi fish

  • Adaptability and Growth: The size of the Koi can be inhibited by the pond it inhabits. However, in the right conditions, they grow to the size of their genetic bloodline characteristics.
  • Resilience: They are very resilient to adverse changes in the environment.
  • Energy: They are very energetic, constantly moving.
  • Independence or Non-Conforming: The Koi swims upstream; it does not “go with the flow”.
  • Strength in time of Adversity: Swimming upstream symbolizes persistence and willingness to continue despite the challenges faced.
  • Advancement and Aspiration: In China, it is believed that if the Koi succeeded in climbing to "Dragon Gate" on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into dragons.
  • The Koi can also signify prosperity, good health, well being and good luck.